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Proofreading for screenwriters

Thanks for a great proofread of our

script. We really appreciate the

feedback and the quick turnaround.

It’s a massive help.

​Adam Merrifield,

White Lantern Film

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for

proofreading my screenplay. I've just

finished the notes and they were great and a speedy turnaround too!

I will definitely be back in touch with Episode 2!

Karen Turner, screenwriter

I have a lot of experience of proofreading screenplays. I focus on identifying anything that might confuse or jar on a reader, and distract them from your story. When I read your script, I'll check:

  • spelling, punctuation, grammar and correct word choice

  • UK/US spelling and punctuation as required

  • script format

  • scene heading components (INT/EXT, DAY/NIGHT)

  • consistent naming of locations in scene headings

  • clarity of scene description

  • character names (capitals on first appearance, consistent spelling)

  • use of V.O. and O.S.

  • correct dialogue attribution

  • unintentional repetition of dialogue or actions

  • possible continuity errors and plot loose ends

I'll ask you to send me your script as a PDF, which I'll mark up using commenting tools. You then make the required or desired changes on your own master copy of the script.

My standard fee for this service is £1 per page, with a minimum fee of £40. (I reserve the right to charge a higher fee for scripts with format or writing issues that require special attention.)

Unsure whether it's worth investing in a proofread for your script?      

I asked producer Adam Merrifield why he always gets his scripts proofread:


'I have a great number of scripts submitted, so when inundated with material I tend to reject scripts if there are basic formatting errors. Every draft is proofed before it is issued to an actor, financier, distributor or sales agent. They will often only really read the script once before making some kind of decision. So why risk sending a script to an actor or financier with errors in case that is the reason for the rejection? I want them to focus on the story and characters, not spelling mistakes or grammatical inconsistencies.'

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