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Audio plays

I've written and produced two audio plays: The Last Nuns, about an isolated and dwindling religious community which receives an unexpected royal guest, and Love for Menabilly, which has been licensed by Wireless Theatre and commended for its bold and imaginative approach to Daphne du Maurier's obsession with her rented house in Cornwall. A third script, A Tailor of Florence, has been produced by Towton Audio and is a romantic drama which has as its theme the 'fashion police' laws of Renaissance Italy.

Menabilly is a house with a past, but seemingly no future. Hidden away from prying eyes on a Cornish peninsula, Mena's been abandoned by its owners and left to rot. It's hurting and lonely, and embarrassed by its shabby appearance. 

But everything changes when a young Daphne du Maurier seeks out Menabilly and is instantly entranced ...

Love for Menabilly
00:00 / 51:44

It's 2068. King George is on the throne, the NHS is a distant memory, and religious orders have closed down due to dwindling numbers. But in one decaying English convent, three nuns have been left behind ...

Credits for The Last Nuns


Sergeant Bostock ... RUSSELL BILES

Alix/Sister Bronagh ... ELLIE BROOKS

Sister Marnie ... JULIA SAVILL

Sister Candice ... NAOMI UNWIN

Sound design by STEVE RAFTER 

Written and produced by JO-ANN CHALLIS

Photos (right): Recording Love for Menabilly at Bournemouth University

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