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Privacy policy

I am a sole trader offering proofreading and copyediting services. This privacy policy explains what information I gather in the course of my work and what I do with it.

When you contact me about a potential project, I will ask for your name, your email address and brief details about the project. I may also ask for a short extract of the material to help me provide a quote.


If I am commissioned to work on your project, I will ask for a postal address (to include on my invoice) and the project files. If we decide to communicate by phone, I will also ask for a contact number.

Where I store this information

Emails are stored on my password-protected email account. No one else has access to my computer, which also requires a password.


I use a password-protected Dropbox account to back up files. You can ask me not to do this, in which case I will store your files on an external hard drive.


I normally keep copies of work files for a few months in case of follow-up queries or to compare with future drafts. However, you can ask me to delete your files as soon as the work is completed.

How I use this information

I will only use the information you give me to provide your quote or to complete any work you ask me to do.

I will agree with you in advance how I should raise any queries as the work progresses. I will not contact you about potential work unless this has been previously discussed.


Business records must be kept for five years in order to comply with HMRC requirements. This means that I will keep a record of your name, postal address or email address, the title of your project and the invoice total. You can ask me to delete the files containing your project material as soon as the work is finished.

Keeping your information private

I will not share your details with anyone unless HMRC asks to see my business records. If you give me a testimonial for my website, I will ask how you wish to be credited (you do not have to include your name).

If I am unable to take on your project or am unsuitable for the work, I may be able to suggest another proofreader or editor. I will not pass your details to this third party unless you ask me to. However, I will let them know that they may be contacted and give a brief outline of the project.

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